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Product design

Finger on the Pulse

Continuous trend research and analyses are the basis for the development of the product trends of the future.

Design strategy

In order to define our goals, we carry out analyses into the strategic goals and strengths of our customers in production, sales and marketing, and also consider the way they are differentiated from the competition. Putting this together with our many years of experience in a range of industries and an independent and far-sighted approach, we develop visions, concepts and products which are focused on the future, working together with our customers in an atmosphere of collaboration and trust.                                          

Our goal is always to develop unmistakeable, brand-identical products which will be successful in the long-term and which create added value. Products which the consumer admires and which stimulate and awaken their needs. Design is the art of stimulating emotions and it is our passion.

Design Development

According to the results of our analyses and the goals we have set, we go on to develop various different design ideas. Ideas which are favoured are then constructed by our designers in CAD on the basis of the specific product requirements and presented by means of photo-realistic renderings. This 3D data is then optimised in the course of the further development process with close collaboration between designers and production engineers. We create tool surfaces which are optimised for production and in terms of costs.

design presentation

In our presentations, we then present the results of the analyses and define the goals we have set.       

The design process is presented using photo-realistic renderings and is explained in a comprehensible way. The design, details and materials are presented in as realistic  manner as possible to allow assessments to be made. The results are presented for evaluation with regard to the goals which have been set.